Instant Tenant Screening Reports

RentalProPlus Rental Property software offers TransUnion Instant Tenant Screening Report to assist landlords in identifying the best prospective. Its cluster of reports give landlord comprehensive overall view of prospective tenants.


Instant tenant screening report can be ordered in Flexible way for selected report

Instant Tenant Screening Report can be ordered either by landlord's invitation to renter. Landlord select specific report and who pay (landlord or renter pay) for screening report during landlord's invitation process.

Soft Pulled Instant Tenant background search And credit based ResidentScore

Comprehensive TransUnion credit report is ready for viewing instantly after ordered. The report verifies applicant's SSN, address history, list of credit accounts, and credit insights. It is soft pull without hurt tenant's credit score. Credit based ResidentScore is used to look at the outcome of a lease, predicting the chance of eviction.

Nationwide Criminal History Report

Criminal background checks provide insight of a prospective tenant. It distinguish between violent, other crimes, misdemeanors, and traffic violations.

Nationwide Eviction Related Report With Civil Judgments

Conduct a tenant background check on eviction related judgments, proceeding and liens.

Income Insights Report

Analysis variance between the applicant’s self-reported income and the income insights report estimated. Save time and effort to verify applicant's income.

RentalProPlus employment and Landlords Verifications

RentalProPlus proceed verifying applicant's current and previous residencies and employment.

Real signed tenant screening authorization letter

The real finger signed tenant screening authorization letter can be sent to who requires have it in order to release prospective tenant information.

RentalProPlus is partnered with TransUnion

RentalProPlus provides fast and accurate tenant screening reports. Screening reports are stored and delivered from Transunion database to RentalProPlus landlord's portal without delay.

Tenant background check Accuracy and compliance

Reliable screening data is provided in line with the Federal Communications Commission's Fair Credit Reporting Act.

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TransUnion credit report and credit based ResidentScore

National wide criminal history report

National wide eviction related report with judgements

Income Insights report

Landlords and employer verifications

Real signed tenant screening authorization letter

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